Making the user interface easier to use (future update)
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leigerleiger wrote on 1257907047|%e %b, %H:%M (%O ago)

Eventually my aim is to make the UI easy for anyone to use. One thing I probably can't fix is that people will still have to find the Game ID / rom number themselves. In an ideal world, typing in the game name will bring up a list of possible numbers for you to choose from.

What I can fix though, is how you tell the site that a game is or is not working. Eventually, there will be a form like this:

Game title [____________________________]
Rom number [____]

Is this game working? [ Yes - works perfectly ][▼]
Compatibility notes [____________________________]

Now that is a lot easier to understand and use than editing tags to change a number from "1", "2" or "3" like how it currently works.

Unfortunately, this relies on a future feature that has not yet been implemented from our hosts, Until such time as the new feature has been added, I can't use it on this site.

As Wikidot has a guaranteed financial gain from implementing the feature, it's only a matter of time until they do so.

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